Dying Light is here! Good night and good luck!


Try not to sigh when I tell you that Dying Light is a zombie game. A zombie game! I hear you cry in exasperation. Another bloody zombie game!


Yes, it is a zombie game and yes, you would have to be a zombie yourself not to have noticed how much these mindless, rotten bastards have infiltrated modern culture. From movies (World War Z) to television (The Walking Dead) to gaming (Dead Island 2), zombies are everywhere. The trend isinternational. You can find Danish films about Nazi zombies (Dead Snow, which has the particularly awesome subtitle of Ein. Zwei. Die!), Australian films about fighting zombies in the outback (Wyrmwood)  and even Korean coming-of-age zombie films (Let Me Out).


So with so much undead out there to satisfy zombie lovers, what makes Dying Light stand out?


Well, first of all, it’s actually good. It does so many things better than other similar games that it isdefinitely worth playing. Zombie games generally suffer from prolonged play. The intro and early game is exciting and dangerous as you realise what you are up against; however after a little bit of play and understanding, such games generally devolve into a process of wash, rinse and repeat.


Not so with Dying Light.  This is an open world survival zombie game in which you step into the shoes of one Kyle Crane, an undercover operative who enters the ancient city Haran to locate a file containing sensitive information. Dying Light goes beyond similar open world games like Dead Island by offering improved movement options, most notably an excellent free-running system a la Assassin’s Creed – as well as heightened difficulty and improved enemy AI. The game’s difficulty improves dramatically with nightfall, as the zombies become faster, tougher and more powerful. One cannot just run around at will in Dying Light; you have to prepare yourself with correct equipment and plan your route if you want to succeed. Dying results in you losing valuable experience points which can be traded for advanced skills to help you survive.


All in all, Dying Light is a win-win. You can find Dying Light on bidorbuy.


Dying Light Zombies Attack