Desktop computers – why they still remain relevant in 2021


With MacBooks getting smaller and more powerful and the growing popularity of Chromebooks, are desktop computers still a sensible investment in 2021? While they may be declining in popularity – as customers favour the portability of laptops and tablets – desktop PC’s are certainly not becoming obsolete. In this article, we argue why desktop computers – despite the constraints of a constant power supply and bulky design – will never go away. In short, premium desktop PC’s will always perform better than their laptop counterparts. 

Here are a number of reasons why desktop computers still remain relevant in 2021 and why you should seriously consider investing in one if  WFH (working from home) has become your new normal.


In comparison to laptops and Macbooks, desktop computers are still favoured by gaming enthusiasts and graphic designers for their raw power and superior performance., While you can still run applications such as 4k video gaming or design editing on a high-end laptop, its power constraints will leave you grasping at your charging cable in no time at all. Desktop computers also offer uninterrupted performance with an abundance of ports to connect peripheral devices and do much more. 



Why settle for less RAM and hard drive space, or a single USB-C port on a laptop, when you can literally build your own desktop computer that will do everything you need? For more or less the same budget, you can completely overclock your entire PC spec with triple the RAM, multiple hard drives, more dedicated video memory, and a blistering processor to handle everything. Need to upgrade again over time? Unlike a laptop, you can easily upgrade any hardware item on desktop computers to create a leaner, meaner beast over time.


The biggest drawback to operating on a laptop is susceptibility to spills, drops and overheating as you work on the move. We all get a little clumsy and can potentially spill the morning coffee over our workstation. With a laptop, this can have a devastating effect on the whole machine. With desktop computers, however, it is likely that only the external keyboard will take the brunt of your misfortune. And in terms of overheating, desktop PCs have powerful fans which help to keep your computer at optimum temperatures while allowing air to escape out of a much larger chassis. You don’t need to sweat over this decision!

A Tower Desktop or an All-in-One PC?

Now that you’re more convinced of desktop computers being the better way to work and game, from home, there’s only one question left to ponder – a tower desktop, or an All-in-One PC?

 The All-in-One solution is definitely the sleeker option, with a thinner design and built-in monitor that takes up less space. But, much like a laptop, it is constrained by limitations in upgrading hardware. 

Tower Desktops, on the other hand, are bulkier and require several peripherals to operate. However, in terms of performance-to-price ratio, these are the undisputed kings of computers. If you are willing to sacrifice space and portability, a tower desktop offers unlimited upgrade possibilities and tops our candidate list for the ultimate “dream PC machine”. 

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