Demantoids now have own section


demantoid-topMany consider that demantoid garnet is an up-and-coming star in the world of gemstones.

The bidorbuy gemstones category now features a brand new subcategory, built to house an up-and-coming star: the demantoid garnets.

Demantoid garnets are the most beautiful and rarest of all garnets. They were discovered in the mid 1800s and could only be mined in the Ural Mountains in Russia. Consequently, they became highly valued. In the late 1990s, a second source of demantoids was discovered in Africa, in Namibia and Madagascar.

The general public is mostly unaware of this valuable stone. However, the appreciation for this beautiful stone is gradually spreading and its value expected to increase. Therefore, good quality demantoid garnets could be a good choice for investors.

This Rare Finds blog post provides more technical information about demantoids.