Competition recipe: Swanniebraai
Rhythm City


This is not necessarily here for the delightful recipe, but rather the inventiveness of the braai. Hans Fouche shares with us his Heritage Day story.


We were out the whole day and were exhausted. We still wanted to have a braai without the long wait. We then took out our Swanniebraai (purchased from a South African entrepreneur Willie Landman from the Western Cape).


This portable and small braai unit is perfect for a quick braai. The magic part was that we did not need charcoal. With this invention you crumple up some newspaper (about 20 pieces in this case), light the top part and place your turning grid that is lined with foil on the one end on top of the open flames.


Five minutes later it seemed like the fire was dying out, but then I turned my meat around and the juices rekindled the fire for about another five minutes. On the grid I had: chicken kebabs, a pork rib and some boerewors. In less than fifteen minutes, we had our braaivleis done and dusted. Another life saver was some left-over mielie meal pap that was frozen from a previous occasion and just pre-heated for about four minutes in the microwave. Seriously, 15 minutes from start to finish and we were eating braaivleis, fully cooked.

This is a recipe for success.