Colonize the stars in Civilization: Beyond Earth


The Civilization series is one of the most beloved of all strategy game franchises.


While most strategy games pit the player against an enemy in a brief one-on-one encounter involving military tactics andmanoeuvres, the Civilization series gives the player full control of a budding society of their choice which they must then control from prehistoric times through to the close of the modern age. Players are pitted against other civilizations and must compete for success and survival in warfare, trade, politics and growth. It is one of the few games that has multiple ways in which to achieve victory. Players can either win through cultural domination (developing three cities to a legendary status), diplomacy (conniving through the UN or the Papal Seat), domination of land area, the destruction of all your competitors or technological supremacy which culminates in the building of an interstellar vessel capable of reaching Alpha Centauri.


And that is where standard Civilization games end. However Civilization: Beyond Earth begins with the premise that humanity has launched a mission to the stars, due to the degradation of Earth from something called The Great Mistake. Now the player must take control of spaceship, establish an arcology on an alien planet, develop their people and, eventually, bump heads with other alien beings and other human missions from Earth.


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civilization beyond earth
Civilization Beyond Earth