Collecting rocks, crystals and minerals
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collecting crystals

Do you appreciate the beauty of rocks, crystals and minerals?

You are not alone. Many people do. Some choose to have an interesting crystal as a decorative element in their home. Some enjoy handling tumbled stones, whether they believe in their spiritual healing properties or not.

However, not many people collect rocks, crystals and minerals. Yet, these are the most striking of all natural collections.

Collecting rocks, crystals and minerals brings out the scientist in you, because you will want to read and explore a lot about your hobby. For example, you will learn that:

Minerals are inorganic solids that have a definite chemical composition and an ordered atomic structure. There are more than 4000 known minerals.

Crystals are minerals that managed to develop a distinct geometric form. They are moderately rare, because crystals need ideal growing conditions.

collecting crystals

Rocks do not have a specific chemical composition and can be made of both minerals and non-minerals. Granite, for instance, is made of several minerals: quartz, feldspar, and mica.

Tumbled stones are small, rounded, highly polished pieces of rocks and minerals. They are the perfect starting point for building a collection, because they are easy to source and are inexpensive.

If you are attracted to the idea of collecting these wonders of nature, you are in luck, for you will find great specimens in the bidorbuy rocks, minerals and crystals section. Look for fantastic shapes, unusual colours, and distinct texture.

Once you have amassed a decent quantity of rocks, pebbles, minerals and crystals, you will want to display them to their best advantage. Tumbled stones look great in glass containers. Bigger crystals will attract attention placed on a shelf, especially if they are mounted. And a row of transparent or colourful specimens placed on a window sill will create lovely effects when hit by the sun’s rays.

collecting crystals

collecting rocks, minerals and crystals