Clue number four gets complex


Finally, this blog comes into its own. For clues number one, two and three in the bidorbuy Win an iPad Competition, this platform has been used merely as a support mechanism, helping you decipher the (you have to admit it) already easy clues.

Now that we have the privilege of calling the shots, we shan’t let you off that easily.

First, we’ll use this opportunity to declaim a poem (inclusion in all major anthologies pending):

By the powers in this blog vested
On the basis of findings well-tested
By sellers and buyers alike, we
Proclaim loudly, for all to hear and see:
Apropos the sky and the land and the sea…
You may say (at this point): –
Enough already!
Fast forward this medley!
Time is precious, give us the clue and that is it!

And all the while the clue has been staring you in the face. Just take the first letters of the exquisite poem cited above,“ and there you are.

Yes, the clue number four is the most popular payment option on bidorbuy. It is only befitting that our mystery listing (which you have to find by searching the site in order to give yourself a chance to win an iPad) accepts only bobPay-EFT as a payment type.

Poetry aside, we recommend to all our sellers to accept bobPay-EFT, because this method combines the good sides of credit cards (speed) and internet transfer (no fees or very low fees). With bobPay-EFT, the payment will show immediately in the seller’s bidorbuy account, even when the transaction involves two different banks (no two or three days waiting period). And when the seller decides to request the payout into his (or her) bank account, this is done free of charge for the first payout in a month and for all subsequent ones that involve the amounts of R3000 or more (bidorbuy will charge a low flat fee of R5 for second, third etc. payout request in any one month if the amounts are under R3000).

Read more about bobPay-EFT and embrace this fast, cheap and convenient method of payment!

Armed with the four clues meted out so far, head for our (by now seriously overworked) Advanced Search and you should be rewarded with a search results page containing only about 96,000 items (out of about 470,000 available on bidorbuy).

Hey, you’ve come a long way!

And here is a message to all our (commendably) prudent bidorbuyers who have started worrying about the delivery of the iPad, long before they actually won it: the prize will be delivered to the winner by Internet Express, who has kindly offered to ship it free of charge.

We wish you to be the lucky recipient!