Christmas gift wrapping ideas


What’s better than receiving a gift? Giving one. We have a great variety of gift ideas in our annual Christmas Gift Guide, so naturally gift purchasing is done and dusted. Now we need to think about wrapping! If you are tired of the same old wrapping style, take a look at these easy but beautiful gift wrapping ideas. 

Use plants, fruit and sweets

Make your gift wrapping stand out from the rest. A great way to add some depth to your gift wrapping is to add natural elements such as twigs, plants, herbs (such as rosemary), fruit (such as kumquats), and even Christmas themed sweets like candy cane as a feature on the gift. It is easy to add them to the ribbon or rope of your parcel. 

Edible name tags

Need a name tag but want something different? Why not make biscuits and use that as your name tag. Bake the biscuits in the shape of a name tag, rectangle, round, that’s up to you. Using the icing, you can pipe the person’s name onto the biscuit to add a personal touch. Use ribbon or rope to secure the biscuit to the gift.

Furoshiki cloth

Have you heard of Furoshiki? It is a traditional Japanese wrapping cloth. Not only is this different, it is also environmentally friendly. Using any piece of cloth (a dishcloth being the easiest), wrap your gift and finish it off with a little bow. Your loved ones get a great, beautifully wrapped gift, and a dishcloth – what a bonus! 

Wrapping paper

There are so many options when it comes to wrapping paper..  Give your gift an elegant and timeless using sheet music as wrapping paper; either print the sheet music or use some old samples. Magazine paper or newspaper is another edgy way to add some funk to your gift. 

Decorate the wrapping paper yourself 

If you decide to go with a solid coloured wrapping paper and want to give it some character, here are some ideas to consider. Plain brown paper is the way to go if you plan to add bold name tags, fruit pieces, or even pom poms (add some pizzazz by changing the size and colour of each pom pom). If you really want to go all out and do something different, use black chalk paper and decorate it with colourful chalk drawings. 

Christmas themed stamps are a great idea, especially if you add letter stamps to write each person’s name or a simple ho ho ho, Merry Christmas or any other Christmas tag line. 

Christmas gift wrapping ideas are sorted, happy gifting!