Choosing your vacation wardrobe


Most people tend to over pack their vacation suitcases for fear that they won’t have just the right outfit for everyday of their holiday. Packing light not only saves space for more shopping but will also make lugging your bag around a lot less strenuous.


Depending on how long you are going for, choose one or two base colours: black, white, navy, grey or brown are good options. You might want to make this decision while considering which shoes you want to bring along. Pants, skirts, coats, jackets, basic tees, shoes and handbags can generally be in your base colour.


Black is very versatile, but you might not want to choose it if you are going on a seaside holiday. White might be a better option, but do be wary of the fact that it dirties more easily. This decision depends on your destination, the weather and your personal preferences.


Now that you have your base colour, pick some accent colours. Your best bet is to choose a colour or two that you really love, and feel comfortable wearing. Chances are that you have a few garments in your wardrobe in this hue. Make sure that these colours match your base colour nicely.


A tropical or beach holiday calls for a base colour of white and a mix of brights. Don’t be afraid to add colour to a winter wardrobe either. Cobalt, and jewel tones are wonderful in a winter setting.


Consider the climate of your destination: for very hot climates choose light colours that reflect the light like white, cream and pastels. For very cold weather pick darker colours. Man-made fabrics travel better than natural fibres; they don’t crease as easily and they are easier to wash and dry.


You will need at least three pairs of shoes (unless you are planning a special activity like hiking): fancy heels or wedges for nights out, flats like ballerina pumps or brogues for daytime shopping and sneakers for more casual outings and sight-seeing.


Accessories are a great way to add variety to your travel wardrobe. Scarves, hats, belts, costume jewellery and hair accessories don’t take much room in your bag and can be mixed and matched with your outfits.


Now it’s time to mix-and-match


Here’s a basic version using 6 items: leggings, a simple dress, a pair of shorts (if you are having a smarter vacation, choose dress shorts), a collared shirt, scarf, belt and a tank top


  • A t-shirt dress with leggings and a scarf
  • A t-shirt dress with a tank top slipped over it and a belt around the hips
  • A t-shirt dress and a collared shirt with the buttons opened and the sleeves rolled up
  • A t-shirt dress with a collared shirt buttoned half way down and the ends tied in a knot at the waist
  • Shorts with a tank top and belt
  • Shorts with a collared shirt and belt
  • Shorts with leggings and a tank top, belt and a scaft
  • Shorts with a collared shirt buttoned half way down and the ends tied in a knot at the waist
  • Leggings, a tank top, a belt around your waist and a scarf