A new chapter: our new identity


The time has come!

bidorbuy is one of South Africa’s oldest ecommerce sites. We have been around for 20 years, always with the same brand. We recently switched to the responsive website and that was an excellent opportunity to infuse the well-known and well-loved brand with new vigour and new perspective.

We kept all the best bits of our original brand, the ones you know and love. We changed the logo, colours, and fonts. The result is a site that is still very recognisable as bidorbuy, but with the cleaner, less cluttered look.

The new brand is designed to tell the bidorbuy story of today. It makes it easier for people to understand what we do and what we stand for.

Throughout its existence, bidorbuy has remained true to its fundamental principle: to serve as an open online marketplace that enables sellers and buyers to trade with each other. Within that premise there is an incredible range of choices. We don’t only list second-hand or discounted goods; through our branded stores, we also offer listings of brand-new, premium products such as the latest smartphones and TVs. On bidorbuy, you can not only bid for a product, but also buy it outright, or make an offer to the seller. And when it comes to payment and shipping, you have a wide variety of choices too.

In a gist, on bidorbuy you can shop your way!

But that is not all. The bidorbuy platform is about more than buying and selling products. It is also about making it possible for people to connect and grow through shared experiences.

The new bidorbuy branding is geared to embody and express the energy, uniqueness, promise and the sense of community that permeates bidorbuy. At bidorbuy, we aim to be genuine, approachable, direct and helpful, and we want you to feel that every time you visit our site or chat to us. We always look on the bright side of life; we are positive, optimistic and excited about the future, and our new brand really shows this.

We’ve made our choice, now you can make yours. Visit the new-look bidorbuy website to check out our new brand and enjoy shopping your way!

We’d love to hear what you think! Let us know on the bidorbuy page on Facebook and the bidorbuy page on Twitter how you like the new-look bidorbuy.co.za.