CES 2017: Top 10 innovative products
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CES is one of the top tech conferences in the world, with various manufacturers coming together to display their most innovative products, which will pave the way for the future. Here are bidorbuy’s top 10 products from this year’s CES.

LG paper thin TV
LG wallpaper TV

1. LG wallpaper TV

LG blew away the competition with its LG Signature 4K OLED W television. Not only does the TV have amazing resolution and a huge size of 65”,  it is only 2.57mm thick! It is so light (only 12.3kg) that it can be hung on the wall with magnets. The set ships with a sound bar which produces amazing sound to go with the 4K display.

balancing motorcycle
Honda Riding Assistant

2. Self balancing motorcycle

Honda is paving the way for motorcycles with its latest riding assistant technology. The Honda bike is able to keep the motorcycle balanced even when the rider is on it. You will never have to worry about your bike falling over!

3 Screen Laptop
Razer Project Valerie

3. Razer 3 screen laptop

Gamers generally have a desktop setup with three screens to enable immersive gameplay. Razer Project Valerie brings laptops with three displays. Each screen is 17”, boasting a 4K display. This brings gaming portability to whole other level!

Xiaomi Mi Mix Bezel less display
Xiaomi Mi Mix white

4. Xiaomi Mi Mix

The Xiaomi Mi Mix smartphone is not new,however the Xiaomi Mi Mix displayed at CES was a white version of this amazing phone..  with a practically bezel-less display! The 6.4” screen gives the Mi Mix an incredible screen-to-body ratio of 91.3 percent!

5. Kingston 2TB flash drive

Kingston is pushing the limits of portable storage with a 2TB flash drive. The USB 3.1 interface offers good transfer speed. To think that it took Kingston four years to double flash drive storage capacity from 1tb to 2tb.

Intel Processor
Kaby Lake

6. Kaby Lake

Intel is slowly improving their processors with the new Kaby Lake. It has better processing power; however, size hasn’t changed. Compared to the Skylake the Kaby Lake is a small improvement, but a welcomed one.

Karma Drone Relaunched
GoPro Karma Drone

7. Karma relaunched!

Karma became infamous for dropping out of the sky. GoPro has decided to relaunch the Karma at this year’s CES. GoPro has fixed the issue and now the new and improved Karma drones are ready to return to the sky

breast pump
Willow breast pump

8. Willow breast pump

The winner of CES this year was the Willow breast pump. What makes this device amazing is that it is the first breast pump to offer a completely wireless and hands-free way to express milk. This is a true marvel as CES products didn’t use to solve real world problems – until today.

smart ring

9. Motiv fitness tracking ring

Fitness tracking technology has become more and more popular in recent years, with Fitbit and smart-watches. The Motiv fitness tracking ring can track sleep and fitness. Small and useful, this may become a must have in the future.

10. Lego Boost

Last but not least, Lego has released programmable Lego toys. This enables children to learn basic code from a small age and programme their toy to do several actions. Lego Boost kit is tonnes of fun and brings your brick creations alive!