Boot camp


Have the icy mornings and chilly winds forced you to make the switch to your winter wardrobe yet? Don’t be sad that you have to put your pretty sundresses and sandals away; winter time is boot time! And boots are really wonderful.

They keep you cosy and they look fabulous. Whether it’s those flat-heeled, roughed-up leathers that you’ve had forever or your fancy high-heeled ankle boots– they’re still super chic. See the guide below to find out how to wear different styles of boots, and what makes each style so awesome.

Ankle Boots

  • Proportions: do not wear ankle boots with top-heavy pants like boyfriend jeans; it warps the silhouette of the outfit
  • Wear them with: leggings’ skinny jeans and short skirts work great with ankle boots
  • The General Rule: the higher the ankle boot goes up your calf, the higher the skirt hem should be
  • Trending: go for a boyfriend jacket, leggings and ankle boots

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Classic Rise Boots

  • Wear them with: boot leg jeans are made to wear over classic rise boots, or tuck your skinny/straight-leg jeans into them to show them off
  • Proportions: classic rise boots can fit in the middle of your calf to somewhere below your knee. Choose your favourite fit but make sure the gap between the boot and your leg is not to wide
  • Helpful Hint: stretchy boots, zippers and slouchy fabric are the way to go if you find it difficult to find boots that fit your legs
  • Trending: try them with a layered skirt with a hem that sits just above the knee

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Over-the-knee Boots

  • Helpful Hint: if you feel like these might be too daring for you, try the convertible version that allows you to fold the top down to get a classic rise boot
  • Proportions: these boots attract attention, so keep the rest of your outfit simple
  • Wear them with: you can wear these in a similar way to how you wear your classic rises.
  • Trending: try skinny jeans or tights with a relaxed-fitting top or tunic. A layered look is great with over-the-knees

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