The tradition of assigning magical powers to gemstones and of associating them with the months of the year is very old and differs from culture to culture. Today, probably the most widely accepted is the following modern “birthstonelogy”:

January: Garnet
This stone symbolises eternal friendship and trust.  Garnet is the name of a group of minerals that comes in a rainbow of colours, from the deep red to the vibrant green.

February: Amethyst
In ancient Greece, Amethyst was worn to ward off the intoxicating powers of Bacchus and to keep the wearer clear-headed and quick-witted. This stone symbolised royalty in England in the Middle Ages. Amethyst is purple quartz.

March: Aquamarine
The legend says that this stone protects sailors and guarantees a safe voyage. Aquamarine is purported to cool the tempers and promote calm and level-headedness. This stone is usually light in tone, with colours ranging from greenish blue to blue-green.
Another birthstone for March is Bloodstone, which is believed to have healing powers.

April: Diamond
This stone is believed to enhance relationships, increase inner strength, and bring balance, clarity and abundance. The most prized of all crystals, diamonds come in a range of colours: clear, pink, purple, red, orange, yellow, blue, green, and black.

May: Emerald
A symbol of rebirth, with the power to give the wearer foresight, good fortune, and youth, Emerald is mineral with the characteristic green hue.

June: Pearl
Pearl is associated with loyalty, friendship, modesty, chastity and purity. Pearls are unique as they are the only gems from living sea creatures and require no additional work from the humans to make them lovely.
Moonstone and a relatively newly discovered gem called Alexandrite are also considered as June birthstones.

July: Ruby
Rubies awaken the senses, stir the imagination, and are believed to bring wellbeing, wisdom, wealth and success in love. The hue is ruby’s most important aspect. The most valuable rubies are of a medium or medium dark vivid red, possibly slightly purplish red.

August: Peridot
This stone is said to possess magical powers and healing properties. It protects against nightmares and brings power, influence, and a wonderful year to the wearer. Though Peridot can be yellowish green to brown, it is the bright lime greens and olive greens that are most popular.

September: Sapphire
Sapphire protects the wearer from envy and harm. This stone symbolises heaven, and is believed to attract heavenly blessings. Sapphires occur in all colours of the rainbow. The most prized are medium to medium dark blue or slightly purple blue stones.

October: Opal
Associated with hope, innocence, purity, happiness, loyalty and confidence, Opals range in colour from milky white to black with flashes of yellow, orange, green, red, and blue. The beauty of this stone is in the contrasting colour play.
Tourmaline is also thought of as October birthstone.

November: Topaz
Topaz is believed to bring strength, release tension and balance emotions. In antiquity, all yellow gems were called topaz, though this stone also comes in yellow, pink, purple, orange, and many blue tones.
Citrine, the other birthstone for November, is known as the healing quartz. This golden gemstone is said to promote vitality while enhancing hope, energy and warmth.

December: Turquoise
Turquoise brings prosperity, success, happiness and good fortune. This birthstone is also associated with open communication, protection against diseases, regeneration, and strengthening.
Blue Topaz and the relatively new gemstone, Tanzanite, are also considered as December birthstones.

So, now that you know all about birthstones, what are you to do with that knowledge? For starters, make a point of gifting a friend with his or her birthstone (those born in April will be especially grateful). But that’s not where the power of birthstonelogy stops. In order to make the most out of the power of birthstones, each and every one of us is supposed to own all 12, and to wear the specific one during its assigned month.

So, go ahead. Start your 12 birthstones gem collection today!