12 New Year resolutions for bidorbuyers


Are you at a loss for New Year resolutions? Here are a few suggestions, tailor-made for bidorbuyers:

  1. I will keep my bidorbuy account updated and never give my bidorbuy log in details to anyone.
  2. I will not be a deadbeat buyer. I will bid on or order only what I really want to buy and honour my commitment by completing my order and making a prompt payment.
  3. I will make some extra money selling on bidorbuy. (Why not start with listing that unwanted Christmas gift.)
  4. When I sell on bidorbuy, I will describe my items accurately and offer fast and good service to my customers.
  5. I will strive to maintain positive ratings next to my bidorbuy user name, but I will not freak out over a negative or two.
  6. I will take responsability for my trading decisions on bidorbuy.
  7. I will finally find time to actually read the bidorbuy Terms and Conditions.
  8. I will help others as much as I can.
  9. I will report any problems I notice on the site and never, ever, do the wrong thing just because someone else got away with it.
  10. I will improve my internet security habits.
  11. I will join the community of bidorbuyers on the Forum, Facebook, Twitter, Google +
  12. I will play nice. Perhaps not every problem can be solved with polite communications, but all problems are easier to face when approached with a cool head.

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Whatever resolutions you decide to make, remember to keep them real. As someone wise once said, nothing is worse than starting a New Year feeling like a failure on day two…