bidorbuy on your cell phone


Innovation never stops on bidorbuy. Not so long ago, you got the bidorbuy SMS alerts. And now you can enjoy a (practically) full-fledged bidorbuy mobile experience.

The first thing you will notice when you log onto (do note the absence of the www part) is that there are no bells and whistles. As befits the small screen requirements, the site has been stripped down to bare necessities, but it still contains some of the most important functionalists of its regular twin brother.

If you are a seller, you are probably already dreaming about snapping the image of an item with your cell phone camera and streaming it straight onto bidorbuy via that same cell phone. Hold your horses. Uploading listings is something that is better suited for the big screen. For the time being, you will not have the option to create or edit your items on the mobile platform.

On the other hand, the mobile site is great for sellers who want to check how their items are faring on auctions, for example.

Buyers will have even more to do on the mobile bidorbuy. As a buyer, you can browse the categories; see what’s ending soon, what’s hot and what’s new. You can search for items, bid on them and snatch them from under of the noses of your competitors. However, some shopping sections, like the most popular bidorbuy R1 auctions, Crazy Wednesday and Snap Friday, are still reserved for the small screen.

Even with these limitations, can and hopefully will bring the benefits of online shopping to those South Africans who do not have a computer but possess an internet enabled cell phone.

You can help make the best it can be by test-driving it and posting your comments on the bidorbuy Forum.