bidorbuy is for appliances


South Africans love their food. It is therefore not surprising that so many appliances in bidorbuy household section are devoted to making food. Our attention must first and foremost be directed to this electrical grill, because South Africans would not be South Africans if you took their braai away from them (banish the thought). The small electrical grill offers a way to indulge in your favourite food even on the days when going through the wonderful ritual of fanning the hot coals is just not feasible. We have heard that even people who can not cook turn into instant chefs with the help of an electric grill. Just bear in mind the advice of the experts: always preheat the grill fully, pay attention to grilling times (in other words, read the instructions), and never reuse the marinade.

A bottle or two of good South African wine will go down well with your braai, and bidorbuy sellers have just what you need to keep your wine cool: a 12-bottle wine refrigerator.

If you are anxious to broaden your cooking repertoire, this deep fat fryer and fondue set is made for you. Fry your French fries in it, and then quickly convert it into a thingy for melting cheese.

A toaster is a necessity in any household. For a different slant, try this designer glass toaster (made of glass, that is; you are not meant to toast glass in it).

Bidorbuy sellers have given a lot of thought to deserts – pardon, to appliances for making deserts. There is a double waffle maker, a donut maker,  and not one, but two pancake-makers: a smart pan and a deluxe pan that doubles as a pizza and omelette-maker.

After ingesting all that food, it is time to relax with a cup of coffee made with the Espresso machine acquired on bidorbuy, using the freshly ground coffee beads, courtesy of another bidorbuy acquisition – the coffee grinder.

Then let this magic sweeper clean the mess, while this dishwasher – chosen because it is silver – deals with the dishes.