Bidding the right way
online auctions


auctionsWho has a high chance of winning an auction on bidorbuy? Well, research shows that it’s not the luckiest  person, but the person with the best bidding strategy that has a higher chance of winning an auction.

The catch is that there are many people out there with good bidding strategies…

So, what happens if you start getting depressed from losing too many auctions? Or if you get obsessed about winning auctions and start bidding on items which you don’t really need, just to get a winning feeling? This could create financial problems in the long run. Here are some dos and don’ts which could help you bid responsibly:


  • Make sure that you bid on items that you need
  • Set a budget (maximum amount) to use for bidding
  • Check payment and shipping terms before placing a bid
  • Ask questions


  • Wait until you have won an item to check the delivery and payment options
  • Bid to compete (instead, bid for items you need)
  • Leave positive feedback before receiving your item
  • Leave negative feedback without contacting seller first

Online auctions are enjoyable, entertaining and they can be accessed anywhere and at any time. At bidorbuy we care about our customers, therefore bidders should learn to implement control and not allow the auction game to become an addiction. To read more about bidorbuy’s auctioning terms, click here.

online auctions