Best accessories for your dog


It’s not only the first time owners who excitedly prepare for the arrival of their new family member by buying a truck load of dog accessories. We all get flustered and bubble over with oohs and aahs, and before we know it we have a mountain of stuff which may or may not be entirely necessary. So, to avoid frivolous wastage, we have narrowed down a list of the best and most essential dog accessories. You’re welcome.


The best food bowls

dog food bowl

Food and water bowls are without doubt first on the list of dog accessories. When your pup first arrives, you want to choose a bowl based on the amount of food you feed your dog. A disproportionately large bowl is bound to ensure a tiresome meal for your pup.


You will also want to look for bowls with non-slip and non-tip designs. This will go a long way to ensuring a little less mess when dinner time comes.


Another important mealtime consideration: does your dog eat too fast? It’ s no secret, this bad habit can lead to at least a handful of health issues for your pet, not to mention the threat of choking. Keep an eye out for bowls which help slow your pup down and prevent them from choking.


A cosy comfy bed


You may have already seen a wide array of beds; from adorable to chic and even genius. What you need, however, is an inviting and comfortable spot where your dog will actually want to lie. Look for a bed with plenty of cushioning and warmth for those cold winter nights. It will really help if the bed is also easy to wash and durable… for obvious reasons.








A strong leash


It takes a while before your puppy is perfectly socialised and neighbour friendly, but you have to start somewhere. Leashes come in all colours, materials, lengths and brands, but the most common is the straight old fashioned leash and collar. While dogs are still little, they do manage to easily squirm out of their oversized collars and run amok, which is exactly why you should get your hands on a harness from the get-go. The harness not only ensures that your dog is comfortable, but also makes it impossible for him or her to get free.










Toys may easily sound trivial, but think of it this way: to a teething pup anything is up for grabs, and that’s exactly why you need toys. There is a massive assortment of toys, from rubbery chew toys, tug and pull toys, plush toys and even treat dispensing toys… Ultimately noting tastes quite as good to a puppy as brand new leather shoes, but it’s important to provide safe and healthy alternatives.

Always be aware of the health and safety hazards often associated with pet products and dog accessories. Stick to well-known brands, look out for BPA-free products and read the labels where possible to ensure the safety of your pup.