Beanies for men


We won’t go into the naming conventions. That field is too problematic and contentious. Suffice it to say that beanies, which can be indistinguishable from skull caps and knitted caps, not to mention bob caps, stocking caps,  watch cap or tuques (that last one is Canadian-speak), are back in style, in a big way, and not only as far a girls are concerned.


Beanies can be made out of a variety of materials: rayon, fleece, cotton, wool, or cashmere.


Now, for the crucial question: what is the right way for a guy to wear a beanie?


The answer is simple. There is no right way. Any way looks good, as long as it suits you. So, arm yourself with beanies in several styles, stand in front of a mirror and experiment.


  • Basic beanies or even smaller skull beanies are often worn in a tight, head-embracing way, pulled down the forehead and over the ears, for a somewhat thuggish look.
  • Cuff beanies are folded up around the hemline. Wear them down your forehead or pushed up to reveal the hairline.
  • Slouch beanies are worn loose, with folds in the back. They are perfect for hiding weird-shaped heads. Do take care to arrange the flap so that it does not resemble a Smurf cap!
  • Visor beanies are the basic beanies with a (usually very narrow) brim.

If your beanie has a seam, take care to place it smack at the back of your head when putting on the beanie… Or, break the rule and place the seam in the front!


Any beanie, but especially the slouch one, can be worn in an asymmetrical fashion, tilted at a rakish angle.


All in all, beanies can look good on anyone. In general, it’s best to avoid gaudy prints or “cutesy” patterns. There are also people who think that pom-poms are a no-no, unless you are five years old or going skiing.


Take a look at the images of some of the best beanie-wearers for ideas!