Bathe in larceny! The new Thief has arrived!


The legendary game Thief has returned and this time it utilises all the power of the new 8th generation gaming systems to immerse the player in a world of skulduggery, deception and stealth.

The setting of the game is an urban environment known only as The City, and the entire campaign takes place during the nocturnal hours, which are brilliantly rendered, the night coming alive with dim torches and lanterns, sinister mists floating  among the rooftops and the click-clacking of a guards boots on the paving stones.  These all contribute to the tense feeling on intrusion that has always been an element of the Thief franchise.

Players can revel in being a master thief going unseen and undetected, or they can play a predator that swoops in upon his prey, killing mercilessly and silently.

You can find Thief on bidorbuy.