An auction rare and wonderful


250x300This is your last chance to own one of the last Volkswagen Citi Golf MK1 cars ever made. The auction for this limited edition legendary car opened today on bidorbuy at R1 and will close on 23 November. All proceeds are for Ubuntu Education Fund.

A quarter of a century is a long time for any car. When the Citi entered the market way back in 1984, at the retail price of R7,630, Volkswagen’s most optimistic prediction was that it would last for a maximum of five years.

Twenty five years later, Citi is retiring as the most successful hatchback in the history of South African motoring.  It has broken every imaginable record for a car in its category and class. In 2006, Volkswagen sold 28,500 units, and in July 2009 alone, 1,630.

However, even the good things must come to an end in order to make way for newer technologies. That is why Volkswagen South Africa decided to retire the faithful hatchback. But not without a fond farewell to the best selling car in South African history.

At the end of 2009, the last 1,000 limited edition Citis rolled off the production line. One of them set off on a victory lap around the country to offer everyone the opportunity to come and bid farewell to Citi by signing the vehicle.

The 1,000 limited edition Citis have been designed based on the original Golf 1 and are branded “Citi Mk1”. Each Citi Mk1 has been individually numbered and will be sold to the public in honour of this legendary brand. Each one is a collector’s dream.

And one of the last 1,000 Citi Mk1 cars is now being offered on a R1 auction hosted on

All money raised from the auction will be donated to Ubuntu Education Fund, which supports communities in the townships of Port Elizabeth and provides life-saving health and educational resources and services to more than 40,000 people.

An auction definitely not to be missed!