Accent furniture and fittings


Need a quick change? Add an accent fitting

  • Changing the handles on your doors, cupboards and drawers is a simple way to spruce up a room, and it takes very little DIY. Look through our sleek and modern designs, or vintage handles for a more rustic feel to go with your current décor.
  • Experiment with textures by adding blanket throws and scatter cushions to your bed; you’ll find them in all sorts of materials and colours to suit your room.
  • If you have a large room, a love seat, couch or chaise lounge can add a sense or Romanticism. Bean bags and stools are more modern options

  • Mirrors are a good way to make small rooms look bigger; it’s also a good idea to use lighter colour paint for the walls if you’re looking to visually expand a room.
  • Consider getting pieces of mirror cut and sticking it to the front of your wardrobe; this gives the room character, you’ll have a full length mirror and you don’t have to stick it on the wall, leaving room for change in the future.
  • Wallpaper really gives a room character, but if you can’t handle the thought of wall glue, then try wall stickers that peel on and off easily.
  • Other fun DIY to try is to paint or tint your dresser in patterns that will match the feel of your room.

  • Headboards are also a nice way to frame a room and can bring a more elegant feeling to the bed. Headboards may sound a bit outdated but there are lots of modern designs that can add a touch of class to your room. If you are going for a vintage feel, remember that the headboard and the bedside tables don’t necessarily have to match. You might even consider doing a leather or suede headboard.