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The Raspberry Pi
The Raspberry Pi



Over the past year or so, the web has been abuzz with news and rumours of an intriguing little wonder, the Raspberry Pi. The Pi is small. The computer, which could fit into your pocket, just needs a TV, keyboard and mouse and you’re pretty much good to go.


Humble Pi


The intentions behind the creation of this neat little device are to encourage children around the world to learn the basics of programming. That said, the device has been an absolute smash-hit in the tech community. This little computer can be used for many of the things you do on your desktop PC. Spreadsheets, word-processing, browsing the internet, games and more. It can even play high-def video.





The Pi’s the limit


With 512mb RAM, two USB ports, an Ethernet port, HDMI out and the ability to expand the device with a plethora of electronic components, the device has enabled techies and hobbyists around the world to be creative. Beyond spreadsheets, this device can be customised to perform almost any task to which you can set your mind. Simple projects can be found all over the World Wide Web if you’re keen to get started with something basic. From weather stations, to Pac-Man coffee tables, the Pi’s the limit.




Hungry for Pi?


In January 2013, over 1 million Raspberry Pi’s had already been manufactured and sold. With an incredible world-wide demand  for the little device, some people have reported waiting up to 6 months to receive their little computer. Slowly, but surely, the manufacturers have caught up with demand and the devices can be ordered abroad or locally.


Pi to take-away anybody? – An example of a simple DIY case for your Raspberry Pi.