A seller and a bidorbuy fan


bidorbuy sellers would do well to frequent the bidorbuy fan page on Facebook.

Firstly, for the obvious reasons.

You can turn the bidorbuy fan page to your advantage by advertising yourself there. Many sellers already do it. When you post a link to an item you sell on bidorbuy or to your bidorbuy seller’s profile on our Wall, you are posting to an audience of almost twelve thousand fans. Actually, more:  since bidorbuy updates also appear on our fans’ pages, you may reach friends of fans too. That makes the bidorbuy fan page a powerful marketing tool. And you as a bidorbuy seller get it all without even having to worry about maintaining the page (we do it for you).

Secondly, the fan page may land a sale straight into your lap. Recently, a bidorbuy fan posted this message on the bidorbuy page on Facebook:

“I am looking for life jackets, can anyone help?”

If you read that and happened to have a life jacket lying around your house, you could quickly list it on bidorbuy, return to the fan page, post the link to your listing in the comment to the “wanted” entry – and there you are. Sale practically assured!