5 great books for Christmas presents


Books are wonders in themselves. Each one holds a self-contained world with myriad experiences contained therein. While many people prefer gimmicks or gadgets for Christmas, the titles below are the perfect gift for any bookworm.


The Mountain Shadow by David Gregory Roberts


The author David Gregory Roberts and his book Shantaram together form an enigma. The book burst onto the literary scene in 2003 to great acclaim and purportedly told the story of the author’s life in the slums of Mumbai. It is now evident that the tale of Shantaram contains a heady mix of fiction, but it is a modern romance that captured the public’s imagination and explored ideas of religion and salvation in detail.


The sequel has now been released almost 12 years after the original (comparisons to George RR Martin are inevitable), and fans of Shantaram can now find out how the story continues…


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Two Years, Eight Months and Twenty-Eight Nights by Salman Rushdie


If Borges is the God of Magical Realism literature, then Rushdie may very well be its Pope. Rushdie has won every major literary award save for the Nobel and pundits feel that the aforementioned prize will eventually come his way also.


In case you were wondering Two Years, Eight Months and Twenty Eight Nights adds up to 1001 nights, and like The Arabian Nights it consists of many tales told within the fabric of a larger story. The book takes place in the far future and concerns a battle between the spiritual realm and the physical world. Along the way it considers the relationship between reason and faith as well as Superhero values and whether being able to levitate at will is a good thing at all.


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The Thing About Jellyfish by Ali Benjamin


The Thing About Jellyfish may not be recognized as an instant children’s classic, but that does not mean that it is not important. It is a wondrous and sad tale that expands the mind with its exploration of nature (note: the emphasis is on jellyfish) while also delving into the nature of grief. The books protagonist, Suzy Swanson, finds her world shattered when her best friend drowns swimming in a calm ocean. Suzy, always having known her friend to be a strong swimmer, sets out to show that the cause of her death must have arisen from something more sinsiter:the deadly sting of the near-invisible Irukandji box jellyfish.



Star Wars – Absolutely Everything You Have To Know


With Star Wars VII just around the corner, this book is both the ultimate guide to the Star Wars universe and an excellent trivia book to test the geekery levels of your friends. Star Wars fans and lovers of science fiction take note!


SuzelleDIY: The Book by Ari Kruger, Julia Anastasopoulus


Suzelle, the hilarious alter ego of Julia Anastaspoulous, has become a national sensation. Now you can haveall the advice of the indefatigable Suzelle on your book shelf. Suzelle is ever ready to offer support on all household tasks and braai problems, while her friend Marianne can help with any minor worries you might have.


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