10 pet tips during fireworks


It is New Year’s Eve and while you are celebrating a new year and a new you with extravagant firework displays, your pets will not be as jolly as you are. Fireworks can cause dogs, cats, bunnies and guinea pigs to become quite skittish. Pets tend to run away or hurt themselves because of this and it is thus essential to think about their safety during this time.

Use these 10 tips to make sure your beloved pets are okay:

  1. Make sure your pets are microchipped and are wearing name tags with all the important and updated information needed in case of an emergency.
  2. Give them plenty of exercise during the day so that they are tired out at night.
  3. Ensure they’ve done their business before it is dark so that they don’t have to go outside during the firework displays.
  4. Keep your pets indoors as much as possible, preferably with companionship. If you have cages for bunnies and other small animals outside, make sure they are soundproofed.
  5. Do not force your pet to stay in an enclosure or keep them tied up. Let them roam the house.
  6. If possible, keep the windows and curtains closed.
  7. Provide a safe space inside your home where your pets can hide when they are scared.
  8. Distract your pets with something fun to do. Give them their favourite toys or treats to play with.
  9. Turn on the radio or television in order to muffle the sounds emitted by the fireworks.
  10. Get herbal calming medication for your pet at your nearest vet or pet store.

New Year’s Eve can be challenging for pet owners. This is our advice to help you prepare through the New Years celebrations. It’s not a fast fix, but hopefully it helps keep pets safe during this year’s festivities.