You are so vain…


…and even if you are not, you may want to grab your Facebook vanity URL before someone else beats you to it.

Facebook recently gave its users the opportunity to create a custom URL with their own name attached. This means that your Facebook URL may look like this:

That, you must admit, has a much nicer feel to it than something like this:

Hence the need for haste, for in the amply populated world of Facebook quite a few users are likely to have your name.

And why should you bother getting a Facebook vanity URL at all? Here are three good reasons to ditch the old  identification numbers and go for your custom-made name:

  1. You are vain.
  2. You use Facebook to market your business.
  3. You are neither vain nor use Facebook for business purposes. Still get yourself a Facebook vanity URL. After all, it is free. And who knows,  tomorrow you may wake up wanting to market your business thought Facebook. Or you may wake up feeling particularly vain.

To grab your piece of Facebook URL real estate, go to,  log in with your Facebook details, and choose one of the suggested usernames, or create your own.

What if, in spite of your best intentions to follow our advice, Facebook refuses to give you a vanity URL? Try again on June 28. Read here why.