You and your sleeping position


There are six main sleeping positions and it seems they can tell a thing or two about who you are. Interested? Read on to find out more, but remember to take the personality readings with a pinch of salt!

Fetal position

We start off with the most common sleeping position; it turns out most people sleep the same way they did as infants. When you sleep in fetal position, you lie  on your side, with legs at a 90 degree angle and arms parallel to your legs. Some would describe this as sleeping in a curled-up manner. Personality type: People who sleep this way are warm and friendly. They are described as individuals who have a very hard and tough exterior, but are sensitive on the inside.

Log position

This  doesn’t sound very comfortable, right? Well, that might be why it is the least popular sleeping position. The log position involves sleeping on the side with legs extended straight and arms  straight out along each side of the body. Personality type: People who sleep in this position are very sociable and like to engage with a others. They are are also  very trusting and therefore gullible.

Soldier position

Many who sleep in this position don’t change position or change it only once. The soldier sleeping position looks like this: the sleeper lies  on his or her back with arms down and close to the body. Personality type: People who sleep in this position are very structured and serious about life. Soldier position sleepers are also believed to have high expectations for themselves as well as those around them.

Starfish position

It seems the starfish sleeping position also falls under the least popular category, as not many people use it. So what is it exactly? Starfish sleepers lie on their back with their arms up, stretched out by their heads, and with their legs spread out. Starfish sleepers may be prone to sleeping problems or sleep walking. Personality type: Those who adopt this sleeping style are known to be loyal friends and make them a big priority in their lives. They are good listeners and helpful people who go out of their way to help anyone when they can.

Yearner position

This sleeping position is simple: you lie on your side with both arms out in front of you. Studies show that it is one of the very common sleeping positions and is popular among baby boomers.Personality type: Yearners are often stubborn people. They are very slow at making decisions, but stick to their guns once they eventually do make decisions. They can be cynical and suspicious of people.

Freefall position

The freefall position is as the name describes it. These sleepers lie on their stomachs with their arms next to their heads on top, under, or wrapped around the pillow, and with their heads turned to the side. Personality type: Freefall sleepers are very sociable people with free spirits. They are also  outgoing people who don’t take criticism very well, as they are often known to be secretly nervous inside.

On a more serious note, experts say that there is no such thing as the best sleeping position, but do warn that some positions may be problematic. For example, many say that sleeping on your stomach is bad for your back it does not allow your spinal cord to sit straight. And while side positions are great for you if you snore, the log position is not so good if you have bone and joint problems like arthritis; rather opt for the fetal position.

In any case, make sure you have a good mattress, a good pillow… and that you get about eight hours of sleep each and every night!