World Cup 2010 on bidorbuy


As this specially created page, aptly named 2010 World Cup Related Items on Sale reveals, bidorbuy sellers are warming up for the Big Event. And lo and behold – it is not Sports category that takes the lead in the number of 2010-related items on offer. With seven listings each, Coins and Stamps share the first place. That is perhaps not all that surprising, since the event begs for commemorative collectibles.

Talking of collectibles, this one deserves special mention: an autographed photograph of Nelson Mandela which the seller describes as: “Madiba, holding the FIFA World Cup Trophy on the day SA won the FIFA 2010 World Cup bid. “

And these two listings supply a fresh touch:  a full round World Cup 2010 football-shaped guest soap, and a half-round version of the same soap. We’ll have to take the seller’s word as far as the exact shapes go, since the images do not reveal too many details. In any case, these listings show that almost any item can be given additional interest by linking it with a national holiday or an important event.