Winter fashion trends for men


This winter there are a number of unique and highly fashionable trends that are quite popular, specifically for men’s clothing. These trends may be in line with your personal style or they may not be to your taste, but take a look, you might just be swayed to try something new.

 Oversized sweaters

This winter one of the trends to make its debut is oversized sweaters. This casual inspired look can be worn during the day or at night. It is a very versatile look that is comfortable and oozes cool. Tip! Trendy trench coats are also a classic, always an essential staple of any man’s wardrobe and can be paired nicely with oversized sweaters for a warm and stylish look.


 Denim, denim and more denim

Denim is a timeless clothing item, but these days it seems to be the in thing, especially this season! You can layer it, you can wear denim on denim and the best part is that recently different shades of denim have been introduced, so you can play around with the light and dark hues of this blue staple clothing piece. Another big trend is embroidery. This season you will very likely find patterns or embroidered images on denim clothing. Take a look at these stunning long sleeve denim shirts for men on bidorbuy.


 Bomber jacket vs. puffer jacket

 The bomber jacket is back in fashion, often bringing back memories of school days. It is a nostalgic piece of clothing that can be used for a casual outfit or even a smart one. These days, you don’t only get single coloured bomber jackets, you also get those with a little bit of extra exuberance. Embroidery, badges, bold patterns and stripes are just a few of the added extras that can make a simple bomber jacket extraordinary, which does not mean that your simple bomber jackets are not exquisite in themselves). Plain or extra, it’s up to you.

Puffer jackets are also a huge trend this year. Your staple colours for men are usually black, dark blue and brown. These are ideal for very cold winter days, as they are extremely warm but still very fashionable. If you are the type of man that likes a statement piece, then why not get a puffer jacket with a bit of fur, or maybe even one that defies all norms of what winter colours are… for example, get a light pink or maybe even a bright orange bomber jacket. Who says men can’t pull off bright colours in this dreary and cold season.



A dominant trend to hit the fashion scene in a big way is everything and anything camouflage! Since this looks is popular both among women and men this season, you are bound to find camo clothing in most clothing stores this winter. Particularly in men’s fashion, camouflage patterns dominate among large jackets and coats, sweaters and pants. Any element of camouflage, maybe even a scarf, can make a simple outfit instantly trendy.

 Funky socks

Funky socks have been trending for some time now, but continue to trend and gain popularity along the way. By funky socks, I mean bright, colourful socks that can sometimes have daring patterns or cute, hilarious or arbitrary images. You are probably wondering what is the purpose of these kinds if you can’t even see them buried within your shoes. Well, these days you wear socks so that they can be seen. Men often push the socks up or buy pants or trousers that are not too long, to allow their unique socks a chance to be adorned by the world.