Which van?


Do you have a small business? A big family? Or are you just a devoted leisure-pleasures seeker? If you answered yes to any of these, it’s time you looked into acquiring a van.


The light commercial vehicle (LCV) sector of the South African market is highly competitive, which in layman terms means that you are spoilt for choice. Here are some of the more popular models available, in alphabetical order:



Chrysler Voyager boasts the stylish exterior design and roomy interior for seven, with seats arranged in the 2–2–3 layout. Reviewers have call it a car whose customers appreciate practicality above all else.


Ford Transit has been dubbed the quintessential goods carrier for small businesses due to its reliability and large carrying capacity.


Hyundai H1 has been awarded Australia’s best cars award in the people mover category by the Australian automobile association for two years in a row, according to the manufacturer’s worldwide website. So, if you trust the Aussies in motoring matters…


Mercedes-Benz Vito brings a certain touch of class to the vans. The Vito can be bought as a cargo-carrying van, a van with a second row of removable seats, or as a nine-seat people-mover.


Toyota Quantum, also known as Toyota Hiace elsewhere in the world, is a sight familiar to all South Africans, for its 10- or 14-seater is commonly used as a commuter bus, the minibus taxi. (And in case you wondered, all units come with fully functional indicator lights.)


Volkswagen Transporter is based on the Volkswagen Group’s T platform and is now in its fifth generation. The T5 is available in 6- to 9-seat configurations.


Most vans in this category have perfected the art of folding the seats away. That means that they can be used for moving people in comfort, for delivering cargo, and, if needs be, as a tent, for sleeping in. Reportedly, LCVs also drive as easily as a passenger vehicle. So, what’s not to like!