What’s hot on bidorbuy (besides cars)


In our last blog post, entitled What’s hot on bidorbuy: cars, we presented to you several cars on auction on bidorbuy, all hot or red hot. Just to remind you, hot items are the ones that have at least two bids on auctions, two purchases on buy now or two responses on classifieds, and feature this icon:  . Red hot items must have at least four bids, four purchases, or four responses, and they sport this icon .

If cars are not your thing, we bring you a few more hot and red hot items that might be worthy of your attention:

This 1893 Penny might have started its journey on bidorbuy at R1, but several days and three bidders later is boasts the price tag of R15,200.

The beautiful Aumy Pilot radio from 1930s will go off bidorbuy and into the hands of its new owner today at about 1:30 P.M. Four bidders have shown interest in it and at least one is willing to pay R1000 for the old radio, even though it is not in a working condition.

If you think it is odd that someone will pay R1000 for a radio that he can not listen to, how about the bidder who is willing to pay R5,450 (or more, for the auction ends on 11 March) for a koi fish that he will not eat. (At least we hope so).

Of course, it is all about possessing a thing of beauty, for, to paraphrase a poet, a thing of beauty brings joy forever.

The 4.000 carats big Namibian diamond is another such thing of beauty. Out of bids put forward by ten bidders, the highest so far amounts to R20,300.

Since one never tires of beauty, we invite you to examine this 1754 silver tea kettle. The current highest bid is R15,502, and the indicative market price R98,000. The five bidders that are vying for the lovely kettle may be joined by more before the auction closes on 18 March.

If you found some of the above items a bit too rich for your taste, consider this enamel dishing spoon. Currently at R21, it has attracted three bidders. The auction closes on 18 March.

And what about items listed as buy-nows or in the Classifieds section?

There are “hotties” among them too, like this 2010 FIFA coin selling at R12,400 on a buy-now, or these four Kelly Clarkson tickets listed in the Classifieds, which the owner is willing to sell for R2000.

Still, the majority of hot and red hot items will be in the auction format. Classifieds listings get hot only after two visitors click on Contact the seller button; red hot after four of them click the same button. And since contact details are allowed in the Classifieds, it is reasonable to presume that most people will use that information instead of going through the trouble of clicking on a button first.

As for buy-nows, the only way items listed in this format can become hot or red hot is for the seller to offer more than two or more than four respectively, in the same listing.  For example, if a seller offers ten identical items in one listing and two are bought, the item becomes hot; if four are bought, the item becomes red hot.

Unfair, we know, but there is no other way to go about it. We are happy to report that this little drawback does not prevent our wonderful sellers from listing more and more items in the buy-now and Classifieds formats too.

Make your own list of your favourite hot items on bidorbuy by examining the What’s Hot selection.