What your jewellery says about you


What your Jewellery says about you

The Classic Type


If you believe in ‘less is more’ and like to keep things simple and understated, you’re a “classic”. The classic personality often wears jewellery that has sentimental value, likes statement jewellery pieces (think chunky necklace with an LBD), and goes for timeless pieces of jewellery such as a pearl necklace which they can wear over and over again. Woman who like this type of jewellery tend to be sophisticated and confident.


The Expressive Type


A women with this personality type likes to express herself loud and clear and make a statement through her jewellery. This is the sort of woman who goes for personalised jewellery and isn’t afraid to wear her heart on her sleeve (or on her neck or ears)! She enjoys wearing little trinkets from loved ones with specially engraved messages and favours styles such as layered necklaces, stacked rings and quirky earrings.


The Bohemian Type


The bohemian jewellery personality is all about adventure and variety. A Woman who belongs to this jewellery personality will pick up unique pieces of jewellery from all over the world, either on vacation or online! She loves to mix it up and is never spotted with the same jewellery on a regular basis. She goes from colour blocked lacquer earrings, wooden or cord bracelets to turquoise necklaces and antique silver cuffs.


The Vintage Type


The hopeless romantic, this personality type is all about nostalgia and old-world charm. This woman is often shy and reserved but intelligent. She likes to observe the world around her and is a lover of the arts. This personality type gravitates towards onyx and diamond rings, garnet and aquamarine bracelets, burnt silver filigree rings, and enamel brooches encrusted with opals, all from 50 years ago!


The Shabby Chic Type


A combination of both, the bohemian and vintage jewellery type, the shabby chic aesthetic is all about the antique look. Women who have this jewellery personality love the French countryside and tend to pick up furniture and décor pieces that have a distressed look and feel. If you like your jewellery simple and no-fuss, but want it to be meaningful, you are probably a shabby chic jewellery type. Cameo rings, beaded jewellery and a love for floral pattern jewellery characterise this personality type.


As you can see, your jewellery communicates something about you to other people whether you realise it or not. So which of these types are you? Or are you a combination?