What (not) to wear this summer
fashion 2015


You are forgiven if you felt somewhat at a loss while observing all the diverse, sometimes even contradictory styles touted as in by different authorities on what to wear. Luckily, you have me to help you navigate safely amid the hazards of summer fashion 2015. I promise to do it in plain English, without the aaahs and ooohs and daahlings.


So, let’s dive right into it.


Jumpsuits: They may be practical for industrial workers and the like, but bear in mind that jumpsuits don’t look good an every body shape. Only slim, preferably athletic-built need apply for the dubious (just think of going to the bathroom!) privilege of wearing this remnant from the 70s.


Fringes. Another survivor from the decade known for bad taste even while it was in progress (the 70s). According to Wikipedia, fringe trims actually had a utilitarian purpose in the Wild West, allowing the garment to shed rain and to dry faster. In this day and age, they are totally superfluous. Enough said.


Culottes: All the gurus are swooning over them, but I say: wear the wide-legged, cropped trousers only if they look like a skirt on you. Anything else – and they will just look wrong. So, on the image below, from left to right, it’s: no, no, and yes, yes. (You may ask, then why not wear a skirt plain and simple, but that’s another matter altogether.)




Talking of pants, there is even talk of the revival of bell bottoms… My advice is: be strong and say no, even if your favourite celebrity starts wearing them. If you absolutely must have them, opt for a very (let me say that again: very!) subtle flare.


Gingham. I should say this style dates from the frugal times right after WW2, when desperate women everywhere started making items of clothing out of table cloths. It looked good then and it looks good now.


White: Audacious floral patterns (the bigger the blossom, the better), eye-catching stripes (vertical, horizontal, or diagonal), bold blocks of colour, sugary pastels … they all get my vote for the 2015 summer wear, but there is something about white on white that just takes my breath away. Only, take care that both your top and your skirt (or pants) are the same shade of white; the ensemble just won’t work if one of the items has a yellowish tinge.


Here they are, some of the 2015 trends I recommend warmly and unconditionally: gingham (two times! that’s how much I like it), white-on-white and bold blossoms.


fashion 2015


Gladiator sandals: This has to be one of the oldest fashion trends. These shoes best suit someone with a long, slim leg. All other types better opt for the strips that do not go much above the ankle.


gladiator shoes


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