What could we expect from future Apple iPhone releases?


It takes a brave (tech) soul to speculate how Apple could possibly improve on their iconic Apple iPhones in forthcoming handsets. However, bidorbuy is going to throw its hat in the ring, primarily to excite Apple addicts, but also to get wildly excited about how the global-leading electronics manufacturer could rock our world just that little more in future announcements. 

Apple is notorious for hiding its upcoming releases on levels akin to Fort Knox or the crown jewels! However, if recent innovation and smart chip updates in their Macbook and iMac devices is anything to go by, devoted Apple fans could be in for life-changing improvements.

Disclaimer: None of the predictions outlined is set in stone and is purely speculative.  But these may just be the innovations that we have all been waiting for in our next Apple iPhone upgrade. 

Integration of the M1 chip in mobile devices

Apple turned the central processing unit market on its head by abandoning Intel i5 and i7 CPU chips in favour of the M1 chip in its newest iMac and Macbook models. Designed in-house by the company, M1 chips offer the fastest single-core performance of any Mac device, blowing away the performance of similar Macs fitted with Intel CPU’s. While the current A-series chips in iPhones offer blistering performance, we may just see M1 chips being adapted and integrated into future Apple iPhones releases. In all likelihood though, this feature may be parked for another few years – but we stand to be corrected. 

Better camera performance in the iPhone 13?

Apple iPhones have always been renowned for superior camera performance and a plethora of AI technology to enhance features, modes and final renders. However, the partnership of Huawei with camera manufacturer Leica, alongside Samsung’s impressive optical upgrade in its latest S21 Ultra release, leaves the Silicon Valley giant with a bruised ego and some serious ground to make up in its next release. 

There have been rumours of a periscope lens being added to drastically improve optical zoom, along with a sharper telephoto lens for long shots. Regardless of what the Apple iPhone 13 showcases, you can be guaranteed that the company will make up for lost time with market-leading camera capabilities to please their customers. (And perhaps steal a few Android customers in the process?). 

Can we expect the unexpected from Apple in 2022?

In researching this blog, we stumbled upon the infamous LG Drone Phone that promised to fly, take selfies, and generally do everything hands-free. Alas, the concept never ‘got off the ground’. With Apple iPhones, you can be assured that the company will remain grounded in their approach to innovation but will push the boundaries of performance and connectivity that are not present in any other smartphone currently available on the market. 

Local strategic design firm, Big Brave have lent their digital bytes of wisdom with the following predictions for future releases which include:

  • More advanced 5G Modem and Antenna systems for lightning speed internet
  • Higher display resolution, on par with 120hz and 144hz gaming monitors, known as ProMotion Display.
  • A controversial, completely port-less design, eliminating the lightning charger port in favour of wireless charging. 
  • A potential foldable iPhone, which creates a hybrid between the Phone and iPad.

The firm doesn’t see more power in smaller devices; “it’s all about continuation and improved synchronization between multiple Apple devices, which is the future. The ecosystem becomes the device.” -Big Brave

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