How to wear red lipstick


Anyone can wear red lipstick and if it’s applied properly, it looks gorgeous.

Remember to keep the rest of your make-up minimal if you are going to create such a dramatic lip. We suggest only using: concealer (if you need it), foundation, a little eye liner on your top eyelids and mascara.

Follow the steps to get the perfect red lip.

1. Choose the right red

Olive skins should choose an orangey or yellow-undertoned red. Those with pale skins should choose a red that has a blue tinge to it.

Find out more about the best red shade for your skin tone here.

Generally, berry reds are a good choice for the daytime; while true red work better at night.

2. Moisturise your lips

If you have dry peeling lips, take a little sugar and some olive oil and scrub away the dead skin from your lips in a circular motion and then rinse. This should moisturise your lips too.

Otherwise, use a little lip balm so that your lips are smooth and moisturised. Wait for the balm to be absorbed before you continue.



3. Line your lips

Dab a bit of the concealer over your lips so that the colour is longer lasting. To prevent the lipstick from ‘bleeding’, a lip liner is used. Choose one that is the same shade (or at least a very close shade) to that of your lipstick.

Line around the perimeter of your lips on the inner side of the natural lip line. You can use the liner to manipulate the shape of your mouth if you like. If you want bigger looking lips, for example, line on the outside of your lip line. If you want more of a heart-shaped lip, end the line before you reach the actual corners of your mouth.



4. Apply the lipstick


Apply the red lipstick to your top lip and then rub your lips together to transfer the colour to your lower lip. Make sure that you cover the inner part of your lip so that when you smile, and your mouth is more open, your real lip colour doesn’t show too.

Use a lip brush to add a bit of foundation over the lip colour to enhance the tone.



5. Finishing touches


Press a bit of tissue between your lips to remove residue lipstick. Also check that you do not have any lipstick on your teeth.

If you like, you can add a tiny bit of lip gloss over the lip colour to provide a shine. If however, you prefer a matt look, leave this step out.



6. Tips and tricks

  • Red lipstick can make your lips look yellow; brush your teeth well before you apply it
  • Don’t be afraid to blend lipsticks in order to find the right shade of red
  • Either match your nail colour exactly with your lipstick colour or go for clear polish or a French manicure