Waxing vs threading


There are many myths regarding hair removal methods, some are completely for and others against. This blog will explore the pros and cons, differing opinions and lastly establish which hair removal method is better. It is important to mention that this blog is comparing the waxing and threading method of removing hair for eyebrows specifically. There is another method we won’t explore in too much detail; plucking. Plucking will not be included as it is a quick solution with no lasting effects and can therefore not be compared to the other two methods.


Two types of wax are used at the moment, hard wax and soft wax. Hard wax has a thick consistency and needs to harden before it is ripped off together with your hair. Soft wax has a very thin, almost runny consistency similar to that of honey. This wax is applied with a wooden spatula and removed with a cloth strip. The different types of wax are used for different areas of the body. For eyebrow waxing, soft wax is used as it is easier to apply to the curved area and can be removed with the cloth strip in one swift movement.




1. Waxing is a quick and cost effective method.
2. You can use wax on your entire body and are not limited to your face only.
3. Your skin won’t be pinched.
4. Lasts even longer than threading as hair will grow back after six to seven weeks.
5. Hair grows back finer than before.


1. Can cause damage and irritation to the skin, especially if you have thin skin or if you are currently taking skin improvement medication.
2. Can cause an allergic reaction to your skin due to the use of wax.
3. Can cause wrinkles over time as this skin near your eye lid and eyebrow is very thin and sensitive.



Threading is an ancient method that has been reintroduced and accepted with great popularity. This technique uses two long entwined pieces of 100% cotton thread. Threading professionals will use a swift scissor motion to remove the hair from the hair follicle.


1. Does not leave your skin red and inflamed, which is an added benefit if you have sensitive skin.
2. Fast method of removing a bunch of hair at once and you also don’t have to wait for the wax to dry.
3. Lasts long, your hair should only grow back in about three to four weeks.
4. If you are on Accutane, or any skin improving medication you will not be allowed to wax as your skin becomes extremely thin and sensitive. Therefore, threading is a great alternative.
5. No harsh or dangerous chemicals.


1. You don’t need a license to do threading; this means you might not have a professional helping you.
2. If threading is done incorrectly, your hairs will break causing regrowth to occur much quicker.
3. A certain amount of hair growth is required for threading to work.
4. Threading is suitable for eyebrows and facial hair only in comparison to waxing which can be used anywhere on the body.

With regards to the level of pain for both waxing and threading, this is up for debate as people have different opinions. Some believe it’s more painful and others believe it’s less painful or it gets better with time. It is dependent on your own personal pain threshold.

This brings us to the conclusion, who will win the battle of waxing vs threading? The answer is neither. They are both equally good and bad. The best method is all depending on your personal preference and what your skin reacts to better. I suppose in the end, you just have to do it and either way both methods get the job done.