Camping like a pro


If you go down to the woods today…

f your memories of camping are of being cold, wet and miserable, then you’ve obviously never been glamping! Glamping – or glamourous camping – is today’s grown-up version. Welcome to luxury camping for 2024. To make the most of all that glamping has to offer, check out all our great deals on camping equipment and say hello to comfort and convenience under canvas.

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First things first

Glamping doesn’t have to mean staying in a super-expensive lodge. You can still have a luxury camping trip with your own tent. Modern versions are lightweight yet strong, and can be put up or taken down in minutes. Thanks to collapsible aluminium poles, they pack up very small, so they’ll easily fit in your car.

(Of course, the fact that they’re lightweight might not be all that important – when you go glamping, you won’t actually be carrying your tent!).

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Sleep tight

The fresh air and excitement of being in nature should mean a great night’s sleep on your next luxury camping trip. To make sure, invest in a quality blow-up mattress – self-inflating ones take all the huffing and puffing out of the equation.

Then you’ll need a warm, comfortable sleeping bag – or better still, linen and pillows to recreate the look and feel of your favourite bed at home.

More power to you

One benefit of loadshedding is that there are now a lot more portable power solutions on the market – taking a power bank or solar panel with you to the campsite will mean you can have lights, charge your phone, and basically recreate all those stage six vibes in the middle of nowhere.

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Are you sitting comfortably?

It’s not just camping beds that have improved over the last few years. To make the most out of your weekend in the wild, check out our camping chairs – they may fold up easily, but they’ll provide all the comfort you need for watching the sunset, waiting for a fish to bite, or sitting round the campfire… Look for one that has an armrest with built-in drink holder for all that important sundowner beverage!

Wait, did we say fire? Naturally, you’ll be cooking on a gas braai – this is glamping after all, and nobody wants to eat chicken that tastes of lighter fluid. Combine your new braai with some classy cutlery, crockery and cookware, and you’ll be able to enjoy gourmet dishes far from the nearest restaurant.

The best of these come pre-packed in stylish, convenient picnic kits – simply choose the one that has enough place settings for everybody.

To keep the ingredients (and your drinks – did we mention those?) nice and cool until it’s time to enjoy them, you’ll also need a cooler box, plus some portable storage units to make sure that nobody – or nothing – else munches your lunch before you do.

Don’t forget some outdoor games to keep everyone entertained, and why not use your luxury camping trip as the perfect excuse to invest in some stylish new safari clothes? We hear leopard print is very in this year, so now you can be on-trend at the same time as truly looking like you belong in the wilderness.