The UbuntuShop treasure trove


It came to your screens on 25 June 2012: the new offering by bidorbuy’s own UbuntuDeal, called the UbuntuShop.

You know all about UbuntuDeal, the group buying site that makes it possible for you and your friends to buy into the best things to do in your city, with discounts that can range from 50% to as much as 90%.

UbuntuShop is similarly pocket-friendly-minded. So, what’s the difference between the two?

First and foremost, UbuntuShop does not depend on group buying power. An UbuntuShop deal will be available even if you are the only one to buy into it. Not that something like that is likely to happen, because UbuntuShop has secured top fashion and home décor brands, including the likes of Adam & Eve, Kenwood and Sootcookie.

That constitutes the second difference between UbuntuDeal and UbuntuShop: the former focuses on the things to do in your town (spas, restaurants, hair salons, swimming with sharks, etc.), the latter on select products to buy and to possess no matter where you are situated geographically.

It goes without saying that the two are identical when it comes to pocket-friendly purchases and impeccable customer service.

At UbuntuDeal (and consequently in UbuntuShop), “we are very focused on the customer’s experience. At all times we are friendly, take initiative and aren’t afraid to have a laugh and get to know you”, says Chelsea Lotz, UbuntuDeal head of Customer Relations and Administration.

Ondine Mond, UbuntuDeal Online Store Manager, adds: “UbuntuShop is an outlet for both new local brands, and for the international giants. Limited quantities of boutique items will feature on our website for one week, or until sold out. All items are hand-picked, with price and trends in mind. That makes the UbuntuShop an exclusive shopping experience at your desktop. It’s like discovering a wonderful treasure trove, and then putting it on sale.”

To mark the unveiling of its online display window, UbuntuShop will reward three very lucky subscribers with a pair of gorgeous Hunter boots.

And yes, you will want to get the UbuntuShop updates in your in-box and keep it as a tab in your browser, because the offers are likely to be snatched up very quickly!