Types of holiday accommodation


book a lodge on bidorbuySo, you’ve decided that, this year, you deserve to go on a holiday. Good decision! There’s nothing like a change of scenery to recharge your batteries.


If you have left booking the accommodation for too late – never fear! The offers on bidorbuy are still going strong. Here are the different types of accommodation you can find on bidorbuy, in our Travel – SA Accommodation section:


Hotel: Perfect as a short term overnight accommodation, hotels are also wonderful for a longer holiday stay. Even if you can’t afford the hotels with four or five stars, you still won’t have to make your own bed!


Boutique hotel: Same as a hotel, but caters for a smaller number of visitors and as a rule, more expensive.


Resort: If the place you’re going to covers a fair amount of ground and provides everything from accommodation units (which may be called bungalows, chalets, cabanas, or some other name) to recreational facilities, it is probably a resort. Depending on the category of the establishment, the recreational facilities may include swimming pools, golf courses, tennis courts, ballrooms, and so on.


Villa: This type of accommodation brings to mind an estate made up of several buildings which, even if connected, still offers complete privacy and exclusivity. Villas come with their own kitchen, dining room, bedrooms, etc. They usually cost the same as a hotel room, but are larger and can accommodate at least four persons at a time.


Lodge (or game lodge): The very name denotes accommodation that’s meant to make you feel in touch with nature. To be worthy of its name, a lodge must feature natural materials (wood, stone, thatch) and have an earthy colour scheme. Look for holiday and / or game lodges that offer outdoor experiences such as guided walks or game drives.


Bed and breakfast: Also known as B&B, is a type of accommodation that is a private home with bedrooms (usually with en-suite bathrooms) that are let out to visitors. Breakfast is included in the price of stay.


Guest house: This may be considered as hair-splitting, but guest houses are not quite the same as B&B establishments. Generally speaking, a guest house is a private home which has been converted for the dedicated and exclusive use of the guests (although the owner or the manager may live on the premises).


Flat or house rental: Families or groups of people will find this type of accommodation cost-effective. You get full use of the entire house or flat and may choose to prepare your own meals instead of going to restaurants (thus saving a small fortune). The only down side is that – you have to do all the housekeeping chores.


Before you press the “buy now” button, read the listing carefully so that you know what you are buying into. If anything is not clear to you, remember that you can ask the seller for additional information by clicking on the Ask the seller a question link (find it in the top right section of every listing on bidorbuy).


And when the time comes for you to enjoy your holiday, remember that is does not have to mean a separation from bidorbuy. Download our mobile app for your specific phone and visit us every now and then, while listening to the roar of the surf or the roar of the lions, as the case might be.


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