Travelling essentials for vacations


It’s that time of the year when school closes and companies slow down until next year. We all deserve some rest and perhaps a little getaway to let off some steam. Going on vacation is fun, but not having the right essentials can quickly turn the vacation sour. We can suggest a couple of items to have with you when you travel. These could also double up as great Christmas presents for your loved ones, if you’re already sorted.



1. A good luggage carrier




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A good suitcase or luggage bag is essential. You need to make sure you have a bag that will accommodate all your necessities, and at the same time keep them in good condition. The worst thing that could happen is having to leave your favourite pair of shoes behind because you have ran out of space. Actually no, it could get worse. Your suitcase zip could break during your trip because you’ve been using the same old bag for so long it just couldn’t take it anymore.



2. Camp chairs


camp chair






















These are awesome because they are portable and durable. They may come in handy during an impromptu picnic or a stop during a road trip. What’s also good is the nifty little compartments they have, where you can keep your drinks and snacks while sitting. It’s good to be prepared with your own equipment because you never know what arrangements you will find at your destination.





3. Cooler box



cooler box






















This is an essential that can save you lots of money in the end. Buy your water and refreshments beforehand at your local supermarket and pack them in a cooler box  with some ice. You can have a lovely trip without wasting money buying refreshments at higher prices at filling stations.




4. GPS















A good GPS is a great investment that will sort you out for future trips as well. Driving blindly through unknown terrain often leads to wasting time and petrol and can be quite risky. A good navigator will help you determine best routes, warn you of road works, draw your attention to important landmarks, and inform you about filling stations way ahead of time.