Tools for drawing


There are various tools that you will need to invest in before you can start drawing.


First, you need something to draw with.

derwent-sketching-pencilsPencils come in different  graphite grading scales, known as the HB scales.  All pencils have numbers and letters somewhere on the them to let you know how dark or light they are. The rule of thumb is the harder the pencil (denoted by H), the lighter the drawing will be and the softer the pencil (denoted by B), the darker the drawing will be.


Another drawing tool that you can add to your drawing kit is charcoal. There are two types of charcoal, namely vine and compressed charcoal. Vine charcoal makes lighter marks while compressed makes darker marks.

Conte crayon is another tool you can invest in. It is quite similar to charcoal in that it produces rich drawings, but while charcoal is made of burnt organic material, Conte crayons contain powdered graphite or charcoal mixed with wax or clay.


v16340000000-st-01-daler-rowney-sketchbookAnother essential drawing tool you need is something to draw on, for example a sketchbook or different types of paper. There are a few characteristics that you must think about before you decide which type of paper to use. You must mainly look at the texture of the surface, the paper weight and the chemical composition, because all of these affect how the drawing tools translate on paper. The different types of paper determine what the finished drawing will look like and what drawing tool you can use. You can use pencils, colouring pencils or charcoal to draw on standard drawing  paper.  Ink is the best drawing tool for Bristol paper.


download (3)Erasers are another essential tool you need in your drawing tools kit. Erasers are not just for removing mistakes, but can sometimes be used to add marks to drawings. There are various types that you can choose from. The standard eraser is best for erasing pencil mistakes. A kneaded/putty eraser is a great investment because you can mould it into any shape, so it can erase marks from hard to reach areas and it does not leave any waste behind. More importantly, professional artists use a putty eraser to add special effects to create the appearance of texture.

A pink eraser is the best for erasing light drawings. The vinyl eraser is best for erasing darker drawing tools, in fact they can erase almost anything. Gum erasers are best for erasing large surface areas without tearing the paper.


download (1)

A sharpener is another tool you can invest in. You can buy the standard metal pencil sharpener which is stronger and will last longer than a plastic one. An electric pencil sharpener will sharpen quicker and it will not break the writing point like the standard sharpener. Crank pencil sharpeners can sharpen pencils of various sizes.




As you develop your drawing skill, there are more tools you can buy to enhance your drawings. For example, colouring pencils not only add colour, but also add a new dimension to your drawings. Fountain pens are another tool you can buy; they come in a variety of widths and thus produce different mark sizes. Then there are mechanical pencils, carbon pencils, watercolour pencils, felt pens, and so on. 


Enjoy exploring the world of drawing tools!