With toolbar, from bidorbuy


In an average week (or day), do you find yourself heading to www.bidorbuy.co.za time and time again?

Of course you do.

That is why you need the bidorbuy toolbar. Install it once, and it will be there for as long as you want it (ergo, always and forever), to help you navigate to your favourite online marketplace quickly, and safely too. With our toolbar in place, you will have instant access to the bidorbuy search, to My bidorbuy, the bidorbuy promotions, and more.

The toolbar is available for all three major browsers (Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer).  For the download to become effective, you will probably need to restart your browser.

Extra tip # 1: When you browse to bidorbuy.co.za via our toolbar, you’ll never land on an error page as a result of misspelling the URL. Nor will you ever land on a (heaven forbid!) phishing site, instead of on the genuine one.

Extra tip # 2: Reserve one browser (IE, Firefox, or Chrome, it does not matter which) exclusively for activities that involve money: banking, filing tax returns, paying fines, and (ah, the most agreeable activity of them all) buying or selling on bidorbuy.

Extra tip # 3: While many toolbars provide nifty functions, some can be downright bad for your computer. So, download only the toolbars from the sources you know and trust, like bidorbuy.

And the extra, extra, extra important tip:

Download the bidorbuy toolbar NOW and start watching it. Soon, it will display a little link that leads straight to a bobBucks voucher. The first bidorbuy toolbar-ian to see it and claim it gets R100 to spend on bidorbuy.

Good luck!

The bidorbuy toolbar testimonial (from our Forum):

“Just installed it – logging in to bob is so much quicker – what a pleasure!”