Tips for sellers: images


Without a great image, a potential customer could easily click on another listing instead. That means a lost sale. So, when you create a listing on bidorbuy, take the time to consider images.

Good visuals let people see exactly what they’re buying; this builds trust as well as a better buyer experience. At bidorbuy we can promote your listings by running Google shopping ads for you. What does this mean? Business as usual, with the added benefit of your products appearing on shopping ads when people search for a particular item. All you have to do is make sure your images in your listings follow these rules:

Size matters

Use high-quality images, ideally 600 x 600 pixels (1:1 scale).

More Images mean more potential sales

You can insert a maximum of 15 images in the bidorbuy image carousel. Select the best image as your featured or main image. That image will appear first.


Don’t overlay. Ever.

Do not add any overlays to your image (text, watermarks, logos, copyright marks and borders). Your aim is to showcase the product you are selling. Adding watermarks or logos will only make your image and your whole listing look cluttered and unclear and it’s an easy way to receive a disapproval. If you want to add extra text, utilise the product description section.


Make the product the hero

It is good practice to make your product the focus of the image. Avoid distractions! For example, if you are selling a shirt, do not use an image that highlights the pants or shoes the model is wearing. This is distracting and will confuse the customer. It is best to have a white background and no borders so that the focus is on your item. For tips on how to remove the background of an image, take a look here. You also need to be sure that the images you use in your bidorbuy listings do not infringe any intellectual property rights.


Keep it real

The image with your listing must correctly depict the product and not be generic or a placeholder image. E.G a “No image available” or an illustration of the product.


To harness the power of Google, all you need is top-notch images. Better pictures mean better sales – it’s that simple.