The Spring Sale has sprung


The Feel Good Spring Sale opens today with an abundance of happy Springtime things to bring you out from your dreary Winter melancholy and into the sunshine and fresh air again.

If you feel like you need a few pick-me-ups, have a scroll through the sale. You might decide to plant a garden of pretty colourful flowers, or lie around by the pool with your new sunnies and bikini with a tall fruity juice made by your new juice extractor. Or maybe your thinking of slimming up for the Summer?

Here are a few fashion pieces from the Spring Sale that show some of the best up-and-coming trends for Springtime.

So, take a look below and then go on to the listings and bling up your Spring!



Ruffled details are fresh, cool and feminine this Summer. Choose lots of little ruffles or one or two big ones and add them to hips, sleeves, necklines or everywhere for a breezy Summer look.

Colour Brights
Bye bye basic black and white and good riddance. Super bright colours make Springtime fun this season. Pick blocks of colour or colourful patterns. Add it to a neutral or wear them together, as long as you can be seen from the top of a skyscraper, your on trend.

Wedge Heels
Comfortable wedge heels make Summertime living easy. They’re versatile, easy to walk in and easy to match with just about everything.

They don’t have to be uniform or spaced out evenly; as long as they’re dotty. Thanks to picnic baskets and itsy-bitsy bikinis, Polka dots are the perfect Summer pattern.