The sound of selling


Music makes everything seem better, but there may be several disadvantages to including audio files in your bidorbuy listings

We are thrilled to have such inventive sellers on bidorbuy. This one included a music file in his (or her) listing.

As far as we in bidorbuy are concerned, welcoming the visitors to your listing with a few notes is fine. Unless you try something sneaky – for example, have your contact details spelled out when the sound file is saved and played backwards (we know, you are not like that, but similar things have been known to happen).

However, allow us to point out several instances in which “music-box” listings could be out of place.

The first such instance involves a bit of imagination. Therefore, we call on sellers to imagine themselves in the shoes of an average South African online buyer. As you surely know by now, average South African online buyers sometimes transact during working hours. (Not that we blame them: after all, the work can be boring, and the home broadband is either unavailable or too expensive.) Now imagine the embarrassment of such a buyer when the sounds of music suddenly start pouring out of the computer workstation! In any case, even without the boss breathing down their necks, not all Internet users like to have music thrust upon them. Some would rather have the option of pressing the button to hear the music.

The second instance of a music file causing more grief that joy is in the slow Internet connection environment. Since a considerable portion of Internet users in South Africa are still on dial-up, music can additionally slow down the opening of the listing. As a result, the user might abandon the page and go off in search of faster pastures.

The third instance of hidden dangers of music falls squarely on the head of the seller who posts the musical listing. It has to do with copyright issues. The consequences could be dire. The music-loving seller would not only be open to copyright infringement prosecution, but he or she would even – horror of horrors – face suspension from bidorbuy.