The right exercise for the right muscle: Arms


Suns out! Guns out!

Nothing says “Badass mofo” like huge arms. Bulging biceps are a requirement for heroes in bad novels, and large arms impart the idea that a person can hurt you… badly. Indeed, arm development is one of the chief aims for gym rats. But how does one do it? According to C.T. Fletcher, one should train arms every day… but C.T. Fletcher is obsessed and a little bit crazy.







We have great advice for you right here in this installment of The right exercise for the right muscle, in which we take a look at arms.


  1. Weighted chin-up
  2. Weighted wide parallel grip pull-up
  3. EZ bar curl


  1. Rope extension
  2. Cable extension
  3. Band extension

One would assume that bicep isolation exercises would rank high on this list, but instead the first two spots are taken by chin ups and pull ups, movements traditionally associated with musculature of the back. Similarly, the triceps – being fast twitch dominant – are traditionally associated with heavy loading exercises such as the close grip bench press. However, these are not the best choice. It is rather the standard tricep extension movement that ranks as the top triceps exercise.

You will need a pull up bar for the chin-ups and pull-ups which you can find on bidorbuy. You will also need to get an EZ bar for the EZ bar curls. You can also do tricep extensions with elastic bands.