The power of popular portable products


In a world where we’re all constantly on the go, convenient portable products prove their worth every day. From household chores to car maintenance, there’s a simple and easy portable solution to keep every aspect of your life hassle-free. Truth is, the future is only going to be even more mobile, and at bidorbuy, we’ve got the products to prove it. 

Essential electronics

Power banks have become a must-have accessory for many of us given that we can’t always rely on mains power to charge our devices, and we’d rather be caught naked in public than be stuck with a dying phone. Okay, I’m exaggerating – but only a little. If you’re going off the grid (out of choice or otherwise), a power bank is your bestie. 

The combination of cool retro vibes with a modern twist helps explain the resurgence of instant cameras. In our instant gratification society, these cameras provide top-quality images with the added experience of a physical photo for admiring, sharing and displaying. Don’t believe me? Then you need to shake it like a Polaroid picture! 

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For sellers needing to receive payments, portable card machines are a must-have, allowing you to take your store to potential customers. They’re completely aligned with the fact that customers are moving away from cash and towards contactless or card payments. 

Helpful home appliances

The benefits of portable vacuum cleaners are endless: they can reach the places other vacuums can’t, and they tend to be whisper-quiet, so your neighbours won’t be banging on the walls every time you spring clean. 

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We all know that doing a load of washing can be costly, and sometimes you just need to quickly wash that one item you simply have to wear for that first date or job interview. Portable washing machines range from electric to manual, and you can choose from top loaders or front loaders, all with the capacity and wash programmes you need. Now you can keep your clothes fresh and your living space clear without bumping up your utility bills. 

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Portable garment steamers are a great alternative to traditional steam irons, especially when it comes to difficult-to-press items like sequined tops or silky trousers. They’re handy to use when travelling, and great around the house for curtains and bed skirts. Plus, they use a lot less electricity than regular irons, and you don’t have to fumble around unfolding the legs of your ironing board. 

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Coffee addiction is no joke, and we’re all entitled to our caffeine fix. Making the perfect cup of coffee is an art, but now you can do it without electricity, pods or a hugely expensive machine. A portable espresso machine allows you to have barista-quality coffee while you’re camping or in your Airbnb.

Brainy Beauty

We love beauty on the go and wireless hair straighteners and hot brushes provide exactly that. Compact and portable, they can be used anywhere. Thanks to being convenient and easy to charge, they’re great for touch-ups – now rainy days can still be good hair days.

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Easy Entertainment

A pocket library, well kind of. A Kindle offers an ideal and convenient way to store and read your ebooks. Compact, high-capacity and with great battery life, they’re great for reading on the beach, in the bush or under the duvet. 

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For family fun and entertainment, a portable projector is just the thing. There are hundreds of portable projectors available at every price point, with every feature you might need to create a home cinema experience. 

Adaptable automotive

There’s nothing worse than being stranded on the side of the road with a deflating tyre. Avoid that sinking feeling with a portable inflation pump – a practical tool that will get you back on the road in no time. They’re quick, reliable and safe, and fit easily in your boot.

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The way we’re living now, anything that can make your life simpler is worth a shot. Heaters, printers, fridges and blenders, the list of portable items is endless. For all your portable product needs, head to bidorbuy.