The Librarian’s Choice: March


In March we celebrate the practice of home cooking in the book section. And who better to represent this then healthy home-cooked food superhero, Jamie Oliver. With a number of passionate cookbooks — from the Naked Chef chronicles to his adventures in Spain, Italy, Greece, Morocco, Sweden and France — Jamie is the UK’s second best-selling author after J.K Rowling.

This month’s Librarian’s choice pays tribute to Cook with Jamie- My Guide to Making you a Better Cook because, in his own words: “if you’re going to eat three times a day for the rest of your life, you might as well learn to cook properly and enjoy it!”

What’s wonderful about Cook with Jamie is the little tutorials between recipes that aim to teach you the basics behind food and cooking. Explanations on kitchen utensils of which you did not yet know the purpose;  cuts-of-meat diagrams to show you  exactly where a topside steak comes from… and how to cook it; guides on how to shop for fresh produce and the like. And then there’s 160 or so recipes to test yourself on what you’ve learnt; with your friends and family as the taste-judges.

It’s a friendly and fun guide that will give you a little more confidence to tackle the world of cooking and cookbooks. Find Jamie Oliver’s Cook with Jamie and other Jamie Oliver books on bidorbuy.