The best heaters for you in 2022


When it gets to winter and we’re in a frenzy to purchase a heater, we often don’t consider all our options. The current price of electricity adds another spanner in the works when considering the most suitable heater for you. So, before you rush out to purchase a heater, take a minute to consider your options below.

Gas heaters are very practical, especially given the load-shedding conundrum we often face, as they allow you to have heat in your home regardless of electricity supply.  As an added bonus, they don’t put pressure on the national electricity supply, so you don’t have to feel guilty for running them for hours on end. Additionally, gas heaters heat up instantly, so you don’t have to run them for too long to feel the heat. On the other hand, bottled gas can be very expensive, so keep them in mind when making your decision.

If you’re looking for something unobtrusive and stylish, this is the heater for you. These Taurus panel heaters can be free-standing or mounted to a wall, depending on your preference. They have a stylish, sleek design that will complement any modern home. Panel heaters generally provide a subtle heat that can be left on constantly. So once the room is warm, they don’t use a lot of electricity to maintain the temperature. These heaters are also a very safe option for kids and pets as the heat is mostly generated from the back of the unit. Some downsides are that you can lose precious heat to the wall that the panel is mounted and the heat generated is not instantaneous. 

This Russel Hobbs ceramic tower heater is both convenient and futuristic. It comes with a remote control and a soft touch screen as well as an 8-hour timer and overheat protection. This heater also has a cool fan function and two heating functions. The only negative of this heater is that it can make a noticeable noise.

Oil heaters tend to be quite economical as they warm your room gradually and consistently over time which makes them efficient enough to use for long periods of time. Furthermore, because the oil is sealed inside the panels of the heater, it’s a  safe option but can be hot to the touch. And a big bonus is that the heater will stay warm for some time after being switched off due to the heat of the oil. These heaters are best operated in a small, closed room.

Fan heaters work instantly, so if you’re in desperate need to heat up your room, these are a great option. They are efficient which makes them relatively inexpensive to run if used for a short period of time like an hour or so. The actual heaters themselves are also reasonably priced. The heat they generate is also precise, so you can direct it onto you. The downside of this heater is that it can be noisy and distracting. 

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